Build Me Up Buttercup

Shae did a little gardening yesterday at my grandparents'. (Of course by "gardening" I actually mean "sitting in the dirt pulling out things that I hope to God aren't heirloom flowers.")


I love the gloves here. She saw my mother wearing a pair of gardening gloves, and so Shae needed gloves too. And while I probably have toddler-sized garden gloves somewhere in this festering ghetto black hole that we call a home ... wait, what was I saying? Anyway. Shae's gloves are my grandmother's winter "smoking gloves" that she leaves in the garage.


Oh, and by the way? How is it possible that this kid looks more and more like My Anonymous Mother everyday? Even my nephew Joey who is actually biologically related does not look this much like my mother.

Spit and Image of My Mother

It's creepy. I'd take my blood to the lab and demand a maternity test, but I know my mother is my mother because she gave me the migraines and the congenital crazies. And the Shively upper lip.


  1. Didn't you use this blog post title? Or was it me?

    And Joey looks exactly like our Daddy, so there's no questioning his genes.

  2. you used this post title. i try to double-check that i don't re-use any titles.

    and: word on joey's lineage. i know how much he looks like dad. that is ALSO kind of creepy.

  3. the lack of lips is from the blacks look at poppy and aunt shirl shae and i did have fun though !!! love you mom

  4. huh ... how ... whaaaaaa? you have shattered my ENTIRE WORLD VIEW, woman!

  5. I love the gloves! Love them! I know what to get Shae for her next birthday!