Vacation Recap, Part One: Wednesday Night

So, we cut our vacation short by a whole day and I still managed to take over 500 pictures because I am a lunatic. I'll be dividing the best of the shots we got into four sections: Wednesday night, Thursday day, Thursday evening, and Thursday night.

Walking with the Big Girls

When we got there on Wednesday night, the very first thing we did was take a walk down to the beach. Well, wait: the first thing we did was unload everything we own from the trunk of the car, and then we had a popsicle, and then we took a walk down to the beach. Because why not? It was already more than an hour past Shae's bedtime by the time we got there. Why not keep her up for another two hours or so? What could possibly go wrong? (The correct answer is: mostly nothing, although she did sleep very fitfully.)

Shae & Kimmie

Shae loved hanging out with the "big kids" while we away, and she especially likes my cousin's wife Kim -- we were staying at "Kimmie's beach house," apparently. Kim is cool. I love how it's, like, the middle of the night when we took these pictures, and she's still all put together, with her hair done and her earrings in. A true Southern belle, she is, and I am jealous.

Name in the Sand

My cousin Chris's friend Jen (she's the one on the right in that first picture) wrote Shae's name in the sand. It was low tide, I think, and when a wave finally dribbled in and washed this away, Shae was pretty upset ...

I'm Crabby!

... until we saw old Mr. Pinchy here. Yes, we were face-to-feet with a real live crab. And I gotta tell you: I like these guys much better when I don't have to look them in their creepy stalk eyes.

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  1. alright i know she was at paradise island need more pics