Vacation Recap, Part Two: Thursday Day

Sorry sorry sorry. I had these pictures uploaded yesterday (Sunday) but apparently I broke the Internet or something because I couldn't get to either Flickr or my blog to do anything. My network administrator (aka G) is looking into this problem now. Your patience is appreciated.

On the plus side: now I know what my "Wordless Wednesday" post is going to be, and it is related to the pictures that will be going up tomorrow. Continuity win!

The story so far: we went to the shore for the weekend, but had to come home early. I took a million pictures in 36 hours. And now the saga continues ...

Sand Dude

Thursday, at least, was a beautiful day, and we got in quite a few shenanigans. Like this one, even though I'm not entirely sure what it is. But doesn't it look very shenaniganny?

Shae Finds Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

We went looking for seashells. Didn't find very many, unfortunately, but on an interesting side note, I have been hungry for mussels from the Chinese buffet for days now.


Shae got buried in the sand. I'm still not sure how she felt about it -- as you can see even here, she is trying to undig the pile with her hands, but she kept asking for more, so who knows? I have just about given up on trying to understand this whole two-years-old thing.

Aunt Kathy & Shae
Phil & Shae

Mostly Shae got to hang with her peeps, which is fine by her. And me.


  1. yay for peeps. i want to hang out with shae's peeps, too.

  2. yeah, shae's peeps are awesome.

  3. looks like fun but not the covered in sand love you mom

  4. Shae has cool peeps...sorry that I couldn't be there :( See you Saturday for picnics!