WTF!? Friday PLUS Trivia: Goin' to the Chapel

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I got married. A couple of years later, my sister got married, and I thought I even blogged about that, but I guess not because I can't find anything. Anyway. Next weekend my other sister is getting married, and since I'm in the wedding, I'll kind of be busy and stuff, so this week is Wedding Week here on The Blog.

The collage is made up of some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day -- one of these pictures I love so much and find so awesome that I framed yet another print of it and gave it to someone as a wedding present as recently as last year (hint: it's the picture on the bottom right). I guess that's kind of the "WTF!?" for this week -- "WTF do you mean, you're STILL giving out wedding pictures as presents, you cheap bint?"

So ... this week's trivia is all about weddings. Standard trivia rules apply. There will NOT be trivia next week because I will be stealing My Anonymous Mother's Ativan* in preparation for the festivities, so make this one count! Can you name ...
  • Three movies with "wedding(s)" in the title
  • Three songs with "wedding(s)" in the title
  • Three movies with "bride(s)" in the title
  • Three songs with "marriage" or "marry" (or some variation) in the title
  • Two famous brides from history or pop culture
  • Two famous couples who are/were married for more than 30 years
  • Something old that a bride might have with her on her wedding day
  • Something new that a bride might have with her on her wedding day
  • Something borrowed that a bride might have with her on her wedding day
  • Something blue that a bride might have with her on her wedding day
Twenty possible points -- this one should be easy. I'll post my answers after 5pm on Monday. Good luck!

* = Not true. I'll be stealing her Xanax.


  1. My answers ... I had trouble with the songs.
    1. The Wedding Planner
    The Wedding Date
    The Wedding Singer
    Four Weddings and a Funeral (do I get bonus points?!?!)

    2. White wedding

    3. Father of the Bride
    Father of the Bride 2 (kind of cheating, I know)
    Bride of Frankenstein
    The Princess Bride (to make up for Father of the Bride 2)

    4. Love and Marriage

    5. Princess Diana
    Cinderella (does that count?)
    Celine Dion (if Cinderella doesn’t count)

    6. Ronald and Nancy Reagan
    George and Barbara Bush

    7. Old - Bracelet from great-grandmother (great-great?)

    8. New - Wedding Dress

    9. Borrowed - Veil/headpiece/earrings (or old bracelet from great-great-grandmother)

    10. Blue - Handkerchief, garter

  2. i didn't even THINK of "the princess bride." bad hipster parent!

  3. ooh-ooh. and i just thought of wedding movie ... my best friend's wedding! BONUS!!

  4. Jaime... you can't get all those bonuses! Stop!

    1/ My Best Friend's Wedding
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    (I also had Wedding Singer)

    2/ White Wedding
    Wedding Bell Blues
    The Wedding March (you didn't say the song had to have words, just "wedding" in the title

    3/ The Runaway Bride
    Bride of Frankenstein
    Princess Bride (best movie EVER! You didn't think of it? INCONCEIVABLE!)

    4/ Today I Met the Boy I'm Going to Marry
    Love and Marriage
    Peggy Sue Got Married (not just a movie)

    5/ Princess Di
    Madonna (I'm thinking rolling around on VMA stage)
    Dennis Rodman ?(does he count?)

    6/ George Burns and Gracie Allen
    Ronald and Nancy Reagan

    Old - Necklace/choker
    New - Wedding Shoes
    Borrowed - Purse
    Blue - Handkerchief

    See y'all on Friday!

  5. OOOOOH! Tina's a ringer! NICE WORK! You matched my answers on at least 50% of these. And really, there was a LOT of room for variation on the famous brides and famous couples questions. I have my answers queued up already, they're going live at just after five.

    SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND. Wear your boogie shoes, because we're bringing the camera!