Take My Breath Away

Well, we have some big news in these parts: we have acquired a brand new pair of water wings.

And much like the zebra-potamus thingy, I find the water wings vaguely horrifying. She thinks they make her invincible, somehow. As if she needs any further encouragement.

At least this time I didn't have to try to wrangle her alone. My sister Jaime is visiting for the weekend, because my sister Shelleybeans!'s bridal shower is tomorrow. We're the Matrons of Honor. Are there any words in the English language that make one feel older than being a "Matron" of any sort?

I miss the days when I would spend all day in the pool, half-frozen and turning blue, splashing away in blissful abandon. But even then, I was never this cute.

Absolutely never this breathtakingly beautiful.

(Sorry that these pictures don't "sync" -- we used both cameras today. Can you guess which shots are which?)

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