Good Day Sunshine

Another typical gorgeous summer day here in Dogpatch, U.S.A. Yesterday was my dad's birthday and he wasn't feeling well, so we went up today to celebrate. And of course because it was sunny and warm and because the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, we made a stop at the ol' swimmin' hole.

To quote Roy Scheider in Jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger boat." We definitely don't fit into our little inflatable jobbie like we did last year. (Not that we really fit last year either, but still.)

Our newest pool toy is this inflatable zebra-potamus tube thingy that has, like, wacko neon stripes and sunglasses. Obviously, like all pool toys, this is not a personal floation device ... yeaaaaaah, like that's an impediment to this kid. Dangermouse, I tell you.

We did get fully submerged in the pool but the water is still a bit chilly so I used the patented Nana Black Method of Summertime Temperature Control: stay in the pool until your lips turn blue, then sit in the sun wrapped into a towel until you're all hot, then run around in the yard a while, then lather, rinse, repeat.

This picture has absolutely bugger-all to do with advancing the narrative, but I have included it anyway as proof that I am getting better at learning how to work the stinking camera -- I'm hardly a professional, but sometimes, when I take close to 270 {!!} pictures in one day, by dumb shit luck, I actually get a really great shot.

See? (Frakkin' piece of pretzel ...)


  1. sorry i missedthe pool but hopefully we'll have more beautiful days when your here !!! love mom

  2. oh don't worry -- she keeps asking to go to "the beach" or "the swimming pool." she'd probably walk there if she had to.