Walking on the Moon

So: busy weekend. Mother's Day, Star Trek, first communion party, trampoline.

Our "bounce guide" here is my cousin Zach, who was surprisingly awesome with Shae on the trampoline. Not that he isn't usually, but he was especially considerate of Shae's "littleness." Of course, me standing there with a camera to catch him in the act of anything "untoward" probably helped.

Shae was happy to just run around in circle on the trampoline, catching herself just before she would fall over, or spiraling into the center where Zach would catch her. She likes the Moon Bounce when they have it at school, but I don't think she's been on a proper trampoline before. We weren't allowed to have one when we were foster parents -- and we don't really have room for one in our yard, anyway.

She did OK jumping on her own, but she really liked it when she lay down and spread out, and someone else did the jumping. We didn't let her get too much air underneath her, but just enough to feel that little bit of weightlessness. I think she liked it. I'm actually very afraid of what's going to happen at Hersheypark this year -- she might want to go on roller coasters, and I might just have to hide out at the zoo or on the Chocolate World ride. (Hey, free samples -- don't you judge me.)

Anyway ... we really liked the trampoline.

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