Twenty Questions: Heavy Cloud, No Rain

Hey, remember way back around the Super Bowl, when I said I wanted to start doing Trivia Fridays, and then I sort of ... stopped? Well, I'm bringing sexy back, babies! And in honor of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain that we've had in these parts, with more on the way, I decided to do a quiz about The Weather. Specifically, "songs about the weather." Can you come up with songs that fit the criteria below?

  • Three songs from the 1970's that have "Rain" in the title
  • Three songs from the 1980's that have "Rain" in the title
  • Three songs from the 1990's that have "Rain" in the title
  • Two songs that have "Weather" in the title
  • Two songs that have "Hurricane" in the title
  • Two songs that have "Thunder" in the title
  • Two songs that have "Lightning" in the title
  • And, the "change-up": Three songs by Earth Wind & Fire

Twenty total points possible. You should name the artist if possible but if it is a correct song title you won't lose any points. For the first three questions, "Rainy" or "Raining" or some other form of "rain" is acceptable, but "rainbow" is not. For question #6, a compound word containing "thunder" as one of its parts is acceptable (which means I just gave a REALLY BIG CLUE). You shouldn't use your Google-fu, but how will I know if you do? I will post my answers in the comments on Sunday (so you have time to come up with good answers).


  1. I'm really really bad at music trivia. I'll play next week. Because I'm really bad at music trivia

  2. ok. next week it is. i am trying to think up a topic -- it will probably be memorial day or summertime related.

  3. I might have to Google the years of the songs, but I already have some in mind "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage is one. I think it was from the 90's but I'm sorry... I have to check.

  4. that one wasn't one of mine, but it is a good one! LOVE me some garbage.

  5. This was made a group project...here are the answers of everyone who was at Nana's...

    1- Rain Park and other things; Laughter in the rain; Rain drops keep falling on my head
    2-Rainy Days and Mondays; It's raining men; Rainy Night in Georgia
    3- Purple rain; I'm Only Happy When It Rains; I love the raining nights
    4- The weather is here wish you were beautiful; Weathered;
    5- Trying to reason with Hurricane season; Hurricane
    6- Thunder rolls; Thunderstruck
    7- Ride the Lightning, Thunder and Lightning
    8-Do You Remember, Celebrate and Shining Star

  6. OK group ... I won't reveal my magical answers yet, but here in my evaluation of yours:

    1) One song is from the 1960's.
    2) No songs are correct.
    3) One song is correct.
    4) CORRECT!
    5) CORRECT!
    6) CORRECT!
    7) CORRECT!
    8) Full credit will be given even though one song title is incorrect.

    Your score: 14/20. 70%. You pass, at least. ;-)

  7. I only got help with one answer, which is why the last one is incomplete. Sam gave me the Thundersruck answer.
    1. Laughter in the Rain – Neil Sedaka
    Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters
    Fire And Rain – James Taylor
    Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head was from the 60's. I came up with that one too but googled it and saw the decade.

    2. It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls (Wikipedia says it was recorded in 1982, though written in 1979. I deserve credit).
    Blame it on the Rain – Milli Vanilli
    I With it Would Rain Down – Phil Collins
    I Love a Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt (in case you disqualify Milli Vanilli)
    Bonus: I Made It Through The Rain – Barry Manilow

    3. November Rain – GNR
    Only Happy When it Rains- Garbage
    Rain King – Counting Crows

    4. Stormy Weather
    The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful – Jimmy Buffett

    5. Like a Hurricane – Neil Young
    Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions

    6. Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen (see Thunder Rolls above?)
    Thunderstruck – AC/DC

    7. Lightning Crashes – Live
    Greased Lightning

    8. September
    Let’s Groove Tonight

    That’s all I got. I refuse to cheat and Google stuff, though I will say that I did Google the years on some of the songs, so I think I got the decades right.

  8. Oops... For Number 2 above, I meant "I WISH It Would Rain Down". My typing must have had a lisp!

  9. Tina -- You are starting to frighten me. 13 of 20 of your answers match mine EXACTLY, and you have two answers I almost used. I will do "the big reveal" tomorrow in case Jaime wants to try.

  10. "The big reveal"... do you watch Ghosthunters by chance? Or did you get that from somewhere else?

  11. only EVERY SINGLE reality show ever made. why, no, i am NOT really using my writing for TV degree ...

  12. We did mean Thunder Rolls not Thunder Road...Thunder Rolls is a Tim McGraw song.

  13. Ooops... my bad! Knowing Rachel's large love of country music... I'm wondering if she knew that. I certainly didn't!

  14. i know a song called "thunder rolls" that is by garth brooks and it has a domestic violence theme. beyond that, if it isn't dolly parton or johnny cash or dixie chicks or nickel creek or the occasional emmylou harris or allison krause or maybe two linda ronstadt songs, then it probably isn't any country music i want anything to do with. sorry, but i am not much of a fan of goat-roping music.