Smells Like Team Spirit

Today is "Spirit Day" at school, and the kids were supposed to dress in their favorite sports gear or team colors. I briefly entertained the idea of putting Cupcake in her Eagles cheerleading outfit, but decided to save that for Super Bowl Day, because I am WEIRDLY SUPERSTITIOUS and do not wear actual team colors or logos or anything on game days, because I've had a run of bad luck in the past. And the way I figure, it's not like the Eagles can possibly lose next week, although I am sure they will figure out how.

There has also been some discussion as to whether this jersey is cursed, because Cupcake wore it like twice on Sundays, and it did not end well for Pittsburgh. For that, though, I blame my husband. Because, why not? He doesn't even read my blog, so he has no opportunity to defend himself. Haha, sucker. In any event, I decided to go with the officially licensed NFL gear and the piggies, because OMG have you seen her? So CUTE!

It's a slow day at work today, plus it's a Friday, so I thought I'd finish out this post with a Totally Useless But Hopefully Fun Sports Quiz for you. Can you name professional sports teams that fit into the categories below? (No, college teams do not count.) Good luck!

  1. Two teams whose names contain the color "Red"
  2. Two teams whose names contain the color "Blue"
  3. Two teams whose names contain another color
  4. Two teams named for celestial bodies
  5. Two teams named for terrestrial features
  6. Two teams named for meteorological events
  7. Two teams whose names contain numbers
  8. Two teams whose names contain occupations
  9. Two teams named after cats
  10. Two teams named after birds
  11. Two teams named after fish/fishlike creatures
  12. Three teams whose names DO NOT end in "S"
Twenty-five total points possible. Number 8 is kind of a trick question, so I will give partial credit (i.e., real or imagined occupations will count, but I will tell you right now that "Celtic" isn't a job, and neither is "Pacer"). You shouldn't use your Google-fu, but how will I know if you do? I will post my answers in the comments tomorrow.


  1. 1. Boston RED Sox
    Detroit RED Wings
    2. Columbus BLUE Jackets

    3. GREEN Bay Packers
    Cleveland BROWNS
    4. Anaheim ANGELS (? does that count)
    Dallas STARS
    Phoenix SUNS
    5. Colorado ROCKIES

    6. Carolina HURRICANES
    Oklahoma City THUNDER
    Tampa Bay LIGHTNING
    7. Philadelphia 76ERS
    San Francisco 49ers
    8. Ottawa SENATORS (if you consider being a legislator as a job)
    Dallas COWBOYS
    9. Florida PANTHERS
    Jacksonville JAGUARS
    10. Philadelhia EAGLES
    Arizona CARDINALS
    (This one was too easy)
    11. Tampa Bay RAYS (formerly known as the Devil Rays)
    Miami DOLPHINS
    12. Utah JAZZ
    Boston RED SOX
    Chicago WHITE SOX
    Orlando MAGIC
    I did these WITHOUT cheating... to the point where I would pass the UVA honor code, except that Sam gave me the Rockies answer. now I'm going to check out for the other answers. This was fun!

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  3. you got #'s 1, 3, 4, and 6-12 "right," and partial credit for #'s 2 and 5. 23/25 total or 92% - A-minus.

    (although technically the Browns are named for a person, but that wasn't the question.)

  4. some answers to supplement tina's ...

    1. red bull new york, washington redskins, cincinatti reds
    2. st. louis blues (can't come up with another one other than the blue jackets)
    3. chicago white sox, chicago blackhawks
    4. minnesota north stars (now dallas stars), LA galaxy, new orleans saints
    5. colorado avalanche (does that count?), san jose earthquakes (that counts as terrestrial, right?)
    6. chicago fire (does that count?), calgary flames
    7. (are there any other than the 49ers and the 76ers?)
    8. new york rangers, seattle mariners, edmonton oilers
    9. cincinnati bengals, detroit tigers, detroit lions
    10. Baltimore Ravens, seattle seahawks, st louis cardinals
    11. florida marlins, san jose sharks
    12. chicago fire, chicago white sox, minnesota wild, DC United (lots of soccer teams make this one easy now)

  5. and such a cute cupcake!!

  6. I was focused so hard on the quiz that I forgot to comment on CUPCAKE! Love the Steeler Jersey. Glad it still fits. She will need the Terrible Toddler Towel for the game. We had a pep rally for the Stillers yesterday. I don't think Shae will jinx them.
    And Jaime, I wasn't even THINKING about soccer teams. I just used the traditional sports. And I wasn't sure if the St. Louis Blues were still playing.

  7. 1-Red Wings,Red Sox
    2- Blue Jays, St Louis Blues
    3- BlackHawks, WhiteSox
    4- Dallas Stars, Phoenix Suns
    5- Avalanche, Earthquakes(thanks Jaime)
    6- Oklahoma Thunder, Tampa Bay lightening!
    7- 49ers, 76ers
    8- Patriots, Oilers
    9- Panthers, Jaguars
    10- Eagles, Cardinals
    11- DevilRays, Marlins
    12- White Sox, Red Sox, Utah Jazz

    PS... I love this pic!

  8. OK - quick scoring and then I'll post my answers - obviously there were multiple answers to some of the questions:

    Jaime = Every one right but #2 and #6 - half credit for both. Fire and flames weren't EXACTLY what I had in mind - by "meteorological" I was thinking weather. Her score 24/25.

    Shelley = All right! 25/25. Nice work!

    The answers I came up with originally for these questions:

    1) Red Wings, Red Bull (MLS team)
    2) Blue Jays, Blue Jackets
    3) White Sox, Blackhawks
    4) Suns, Stars
    5) Rockies, Lakers
    6) Heat, Hurricanes
    7) 49ers, 76ers
    8) Cowboys, Kings (2nd choice = Pirates)
    9) Panthers, Janguars
    10) Orioles, Eagles
    11) Dolphins, Marlins
    12) Jazz, Avalanche, Red Sox

    Thanks for playing! I think I want to do this every week and I am already working on something special for the Super Bowl next weekend.

  9. and from the piggies, it looks like her hair is getting long. who did the piggies? you?

    and i'm up for the challenge. i would've had answers for all the questions, but i tried not to repeat anything from tina's answers ;-)

    and yes, the blues are still playing hockey in st. louis. i can't believe i didn't think of the blue jays! 1993 world series, anyone?

  10. just for fun, i looked up the wnba ...
    atlanta dream
    chicago sky
    connecticut sun (really? there's sun in ct?)
    detroit shock
    indiana fever
    la sparks
    minnesota lynx
    new york liberty
    phoenix mercury
    sacramento monarchs
    san antonio silver stars
    seattle storm
    washington mystics

    some of these would've helped, but not too many. yes, i just put the baby to sleep, so i have a few minutes ;-)