I'm A Girl Watcher

Oh, look! A bunch of random pictures of Shae that have absolutely no thematic relationship! How shall I handle this latest intellectual challenge? Why, with snark, of course!

G took this picture when we were at the playground near my grandparents' on Saturday. I like this one because she looks like Kilroy, sorta, if you squint a little bit and maybe have a couple of shots of tequila first. We have like 583 gajillion pictures of her on the swings, and she is almost never looking directly at the camera. She's starting to give me a complex -- the ol' "Look! There's a bird on Mommy's head!" trick doesn't even get her attention any more.

Interesting paradox: I have noticed that it does not appear to be possible for Shae to have a clean nose and a clean mouth at the same time. Here, she is booger-free, but she's got a little something in her teeth. Basil, I think. (The flowers in the background are yellow ranunculus. That is not important, but I mention them because I like them.)

There is no good reason for this picture to be here, except you can see some of the detail on her Mother's Day dress, if you happen to give a snot about details on little girls' Mother's Day dresses. I might put Shae in this dress for my sister's bridal shower, provided she does not hit another growth spurt and outgrow it by then.

Double whammy -- boogers AND mess-mouth! Here we are enjoying a little pre-dinner snack of ... ice cubes! Yes, I have a child who deliberately asks for ice cubes as a snack. Of course, I have also tricked her into believing that her Winnie-the-Pooh vitamins are "footnacks," although that is not exactly hard. And anyway, chewable vitamins rock.

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  1. trying to aim for sunday nana has too much going on saturday unless it would be saturday after 4 get ready love mom