Big Girls Don't Cry

What do you get when you have a toddler who is ready for a "big girl" bed, but parents who aren't? You get a bed that ends up looking something like this:

Totally mismatched, stuffed animals everywhere, with a pillow that up until an hour ago was mine. I knew the bed was coming, and I knew my parents were coming down here, but somehow I just never put together that the bed was coming with them today.

So we will be going bed-in-a-bag shopping, because as much as I have no qualms about "recycling" linens and things -- I mean, seriously, the sheets were my parents and both the Garfield (TM) comforter and the matching plush that is as big as my head were my husband's once -- exactly nothing matches the Lily-Pulitzer-esque pink-and-green color palette of the rest of the room.

And while Shae is clearly ready to move on up to the East Side:

Mommy? Won't get a wink of sleep until everything matches just so. Freak.

PS -- No, not pinkeye, just a weird trick of the camera.
PPS -- She doesn't even know who Garfield is; he's just a cat to her.


  1. There is nothing wrong with mismatched sheets...heck she doesn't even notice. Now if you do that whole bed in a bag thing...look for a canopy to match...they are in the attic and you are so welcomed to have it. Oh and PS...I WANT A SHAE WITH CRAYONS PIC!!

  2. like the one mom has? do you want it on the blog, or for real? what size? let me know, if you want an actual print i can try to get you one this weekend.

  3. For real, and I will let you know the size when I get home. I have a frame that is for pics of Shae and Joey...but I don't remember the size it needs.

  4. no problem ... i will scan the pics and make you prints. when i get home tonight (if i ever get home -- long story) i will scan all three pictures and you can tell me which one you like best.