"Yaaaaay Shopping! Shopping Shopping Shopping!"

We needed to go to the store today, because we're right out of food, and when G said to Cupcake, "Let's go to the store," she let out this excited little shriek and yelled, "Yaaaaay shopping!" and then the whole way in the car she sang what we now call "The Shopping Song" which was basically her saying "shopping shopping shopping" over and over in various pitches of happiness.

Was very very cute, yes, but I think maybe it is time to start putting time limits on her unsupervised visits with My Anonymous Mother, the retail commando.

Not sure entirely how I feel about Cupcake liking the Wal-Mart, but at the very least we never lack for entertainment. For example, she was really amused by the Very Big Sandwich:

And then she tried to eat it, plastic wrapper and gross bland lettuce and all:

And of course we were so good that we took a "ride" on the nonfunctioning Mickey Mouse Firetruck:

Of course, this does NOT show the complete nuclear meltdown that happened when had to get OFF the firetruck and get back in the car, but we're going to pretend that never happened, OK?


  1. You are in SO MUCH trouble, since your Mom is a shopaholic(?) more of less. B loves shopping too, but he just likes to go and look at the lights. He could care less about most of what you show him. Sorry about the meltdown. Hope you handled it OK.

  2. were you guys up in easton to visit pop?

    i don't think joey likes shopping quite as much as shae (yet). he doesn't mind it, though, as dad usually pushes his stroller, so he gets some quality time with him.

    i know we'll never get him off the firetruck ;-)

  3. first -- oh boy, Tina, do i ever know the trouble we're in. on the plus side, at least my mother has taught me some of her killer shopping ninja tricks. i never pay full retail for ANYTHING.

    J -- we saw pop on friday before phil's party. shae was surprisingly ok at the hopsital, although she didn't really like that he couldn't get out of bed.