Snow day today. I had a scheduled day off anyway -- it's my "bonus" for working 30 hours of unpaid overtime during the year-end close -- so I am unfazed by the 2" of snow we got overnight, followed by sleet right now, eventually turning into rain later in the day. I'm keeping the Cupcake home with me and we're going to watch cartoons and play video games and eat junk food all day long, as God intended.

We're trying something new today -- Playhouse Disney. Normally we watch "Dora" and "Blue's Clues" and "Jack's Big Music Show" and "Gabba" and "Sesame Street" and one of our new favorites, "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan." But today we are watching (or at least for now we are watching) whatever is on Playhouse Disney. "Little Einsteins" and "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" so far. Not bad, although I will always and forever prefer the Ernest Shepard illustrations of the Hundred Acre Wood characters to any newfangled versions.

So, yeah. Not much going on today. AWESOME. Further bulletins as events warrant. Hopefully we'll be able to get in some photo ops.


  1. Handy Manny? Mickey Mouse Club House? Or Higgleytown Heroes? B actually likes Gabba I think. Happy Snow Day!

  2. it was "mickey mouse clubhouse," with music by they might be giants. and then after that was over, she informed me that she wanted to "play farm, mommy," so we turned the tv off. then the mouse showed up. coincidence? i think not.