Snow Day Update (UPDATED!)

There is a mouse in the dining room.
I repeat: there is a MOUSE in the DINING ROOM.
And my cat is trying to make friends with it.
Useless boogerhead.


UPDATE: G came home from work on his lunch hour to try to pull another "Mouse Whisperer" routine and capture the critter because I freaked right the fuck out and went a little apoplectic and perhaps became even more useless than usual. Heh. HOWEVER, Mickey appears to have evaded capture for the moment. Probably he's down in the basement with the yicky bugs and the homeless people who keep stealing one sock out of every pair. That's my guess, anyway, because Owen has NO IDEA what to do or where to go now. We'll be getting some traps later today, oh yes we will.


  1. maybe if you make those valentine cookies you'll catch it

  2. so where are all those pictures?
    and did you catch the mouse?

  3. there aren't any more pictures, because the mouse derailed my train of thought. and we didn't catch the mouse, but we haven't seen him again, either, nor any "evidence" of him around. probably he went back out the basement crack through which he came.