See? I Told You

This is not my actual blog post for today -- at least I don't think so; I expect there will be more later, when I go home and play with my new video camera that I bought at Walgreen's for cheap -- but I know there are some Skeptics among you out there who question my reasoning for not giving Cupcake too much junk food even though I, myself, need a 12-step, 28-day, inpatient program to deal with my Mountain Dew and/or World of Warcraft problems. Here is an excellent example of what we are trying to avoid, from over at Her Bad Mother. Choice quote:

We tried to intervene, appropriating her smack bag and only allowing her to select a few choice pieces, but it was too late. She happily traded most of the contents of the bag for a new toy, but we discovered the next day, and over subsequent days, that she had performed some sleight of hand and purloined a sizable quantity of candy from the bag before it was removed, a stash that she then divided and tucked into Ziploc bags and squirreled away in hiding places (the oven of her toy kitchen, her sock drawer, a toy suitcase, her backpack) around the house. We would stumble across remnants of her stash while tidying, or discover her under the blankets at bedtime, furiously working the wrapper of a lollipop.

That -- that right there! -- is exactly why we don't give her fudge and cheese curls for lunch, and why we treat applesauce and five Teddy Grahams as a suitable dessert. I gave her a Candy Cane Creme Oreo the other night, a whole one, and it took us almost an hour afterwards to get her to bed. I'm handful already, just by myself; you think G needs this extra crap from her too?

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