Home Movies: Take One

So, this is our first attempt with the new video camera. The deets on the machine: picked it up today for $90 at Walgreen's. Just a basic pocket-sized digital video recorder. Runs on 2 AA batteries, with a USB cord to connect it to the computer. Looks like everything is in .wmv format, or at least a format compatible with Windows Media Player.

There is a light on it, so hopefully future movies will not be so dark. The lighting in our house is kind of sparse -- we don't use a lot of lights, and almost everything is "room lighting" as opposed to table or floor lamps. We're working on our technique; the camera allegedly has image stabilization, but I haven't figure it out yet. Also, the zoom is not very smooth. And I need to shut up so that I am not the loudest thing in the movie.

So, basically, a $120k college degree in Television nets you ... a pretty standard home movie. Bad camera work, unfortunate angles, hideous sound. We're working on it. (I was always best in the editing room anyway.) Although if I must say, our movies are going to be better than most because my God just look at that kid.


  1. so cute! i think i'm going to try using the camera in my computer today. we'll see how that works out ;-)

  2. just in case you are unhappy with the outcome, or if you feel like spending some disposable income (har har), walgreen's has an HD video camera on sale for $79.99 tomorrow (after mail-in rebate). it's regularly $150. check out the flyer. i am pretty happy with this one, got some cute vids today but THE PICTURE will be posted tomorrow. omg, wait till you see it, it is teh r0xx0rz! (and that's a hint, btw.)