I Believe I Can Fly

There are two days, sometime in the future of raising the Cupcake, that I dread very much and hope I can put off as long as possible.

One of these is the day that she realizes that Mommy isn't kidding when she says that she has been researching convents -- especially because I caught her being all Mickey-Make-Out with one of the boys at school this morning. (OK, technically I told her to hug him, but I did not expect there to be KISSING.)

The other day? Is the day that she find out that Mommy is big chickenshit who hates heights and roller coasters and who is going to sit on this bench over here and take pictures while you and Daddy go on the Super Turbo Upside Down Mobile ride, OK? Because she's going to laugh at me, and I don't look forward to that.

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  1. Who looks happier, Joe or Shae? Can't wait to see u this weekend!