Riddle Me This

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This picture was taken by my sister -- my pregnant sister who came home last weekend so she could visit the family and also spend time with (and money on) her niece. God bless her. She put up with a lot of crap this weekend, some of which is too upsetting even 48 hours removed to go into, but for all of that, she did get some excellent pictures.

In this one, I prove myself wrong (not that it's HARD, or anything). Apparently the Cupcake does wear hats, even this dorky one ... although, judging by the look on her face (which you can see if you click into my photostream, and then view the large size of the picture), she is trying to figure out a way to get it the hell off.


  1. oh, it wasn't all that. not even sure what you're talking about. but i'm more than happy to take some cute pictures for you.

  2. i was talking about poppy being poppy ...which is to say: loud, boorish, and astonishingly ignorant for someone with his life experience. but what do i know? OBVIOUSLY i'll never be as old or as wise as he believe he is. whatevs. trying to get over it, failing. i think they make pills for that now.

  3. yeah, he's poppy. it's annoying at the time, but i've learned to get over it very quickly. i mean, what else can you do?