Which Way to Adventure?

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Mornings are sometimes tough at the Casa. Depending on how late the dungeon run ran the night before, we might be a little cranky. Or maybe we have a meeting or conference call that we can't figure out how to blow off. Or we had heartburn, or nightmares, or a stiff neck or something.

Never the baby, though. She's always happy to get up, and happy to head out the door, because "bye-bye car" means school and Miss Amber, or a visit to Nana and Pop-Pop, or swimming, or shopping, or anything that isn't sitting around torturing the cats, or watching Mommy level her mage, or spending time with her parents who are complete geeks.

Getting from "happy to be awake" to "happy to be on our way?" Not always easy, especially on those two-poop mornings. But when she picks up her lunchbox and stands expectantly at the door, eager and willing to take on the world? Worth every hissyfit.

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