Pinch Me

First, the insignificant thing: Instant parenthood is absolutely the best diet EVAR. Since last Wednesday I think I've lost 5-10 lbs. Mostly because I keep forgetting or cannot make time to eat. Most people get about nine months to prepare for a new arrival in their lives; we get less than three weeks. It is INSANITY of absolutely the best possible kind. I was crazycakes before, but now ... you have no fucking idea. I just can't help but laugh when people tell me to "sleep now, while you can," because -- not going to happen. Too much to do, too little time. As Warren Zevon and other geniuses have said before: "I'll sleep when I'm dead." (Ironic in Zevon's case, no?)

Last night we had dinner with the baby and her current-soon-to-be-former foster family. My God, how is it possible to be so in love with someone that you've only know for seven hours? I will never understand it, and to be honest, I'm not sure I want to. Just going with the flow here. The family has put pictures of us up all over the house so the baby can get used to seeing us, and already she recognizes us. She goes right to G; he's a natural daddy and it's really the most amazing thing to see. Watching him hold her last night while she was in her pajamas having her bottle -- I believe I married that man in anticipation of that very moment.

Stuff is happening so fast. People say all the time how your life changes when you find out you're going to have a baby, and while I've never doubted them, you can't fully believe them until you experience it for yourself. It's the proverbial roller coaster, an endless loop of bliss and joy with only the occasional pause for lunch or painting. Totally unreal. What we've been waiting for since pretty much the day we got married -- it is finally happening. Like a dream. The best dream EVAR. And I never, never want to wake up, unless the baby is in the room next to mine and I can grab her and hold her close to my heart. Where she is already, anyway.


  1. lol so which mmorpg will you introduce her to?
    Can she walk? talk? crawl? If I get any money (someday...someday..) I would love to send you all a baby shower gift. If she ever logs into puzzle pirates, i can get something on there. I'm sure I'll still be playing :)

  2. She's 10½ months old, so at this point she can babble and waddle a little bit. She crawls like a demon and is just so funny and animated. I think this is pretty much the HOLY GRAIL of adoption -- we're going to have her for he first birthday, her first words, her first steps. Amazing.

    Unless they someday come up with a MMORPG about monkeys or LOLcats, she's probably going to start with Pirates, natch. And I bet in a week she'll be a better carper than I'm ever going to be.