We got The Call around 10:00 on Wednesday morning. Our case worker was on the phone: a child is available, a little girl, 10½ months old, were we interested?

It's been so long since we started this process, and G and I will both admit that we never thought we'd get anywhere. There's only so much patience a person can have, especially when it concerns something that you want so very much, something that you need and desire so much that it hurts to think about it sometimes, an ache down to the very center of your heart.

Recently we started talking again about going back to the infertility specialists, going back on the hormones and the ultrasounds and the bloodwork and the agony. We want to be parents, and we were starting to believe that we were running out of time and options. Of course we held out hope for a miracle, but you reach a point where you start to accept that miracles only happen for someone else.

So that call came on Wednesday, and it was followed by another on Friday, and that was followed by a meeting yesterday, and now suddenly, out of the blue, we are Someone's Parents. Zero to mommy in ten seconds. She isn't ours yet, not entirely, but already she has stolen our hearts. The absolute most joy that I have ever felt, ever, was when I heard the current foster mom refer to us as the baby's "new mom and dad."

Are you there God? It's me, rockle. We've had our issues in the past. I'd lost my hope and I'd lost my faith, but you never did. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to have a dream come true. Are we interested?



  1. OH ROCKLES! YESSS! You will be the awesomest mom evar. Please keep us up to date about your daughter!

  2. We will. God, she is FANTASTIC. I can't wait to introduce her to MMORPGs. Heh.