Spent yesterday at my parents' with The Kid. Ohmigod, such win and awesome! She was fantastic with everybody. We were a little bit worried because on Friday night we took her to my mother-in-law's and she kind of pitched a fit -- every time Grandma* came near her she recoiled in horror (yeah, kiddo, me too) and she was very weepy, almost inconsolable. HOWEVER: it turns out that happened because we are idiots who never gave her dinner. Fucking duuuuuh.

But yesterday was wonderful. She let everybody snuggle her, and play with her, and dance with her, and was just generally loving up on everybody. She went for a walk and took a nap with her daddy and didn't fuss even a little when we changed her diaper. She even my mother-in-law hold her, which was a great relief. We had a great day, and for the first time in a really long while, I felt like part of a family. Not that I don't usually, but ... this was different. This was my family, my very only personal complete and total family unit.

It was FABULOUS. Complete and total Zen. I can completely understand why people want to have kids.

* Not her real name. I kind of think what she wants to be called is kind of undignified, and I refuse to acknowledge it. So I'm a bad daughter-in-law. Whatever, get over it.


  1. hahahah. I am sooo curious as what she wants to be called. Your blog is funny.

    and I'm glad you caught on to rule number 1: Dinner= good.

    Now I'm hoping you got the second rule: Bubble gum = not dinner.

  2. So is WoW on the back burner for now?

  3. Haha ... my entire regular LIFE is on the back burner for now, but fortunately she sleeps all night and is good about naps, so I get some online time. Of course, online time has to fight with laundry and bottle-washing for my attention, but still.

    And my mother-in-law wants to be called "Gigi," which is not so bad in terms of grandmother nicknames, I suppose, but ... MIL is no Leslie Caron, you know? And she is DEFINITELY not an ingenue any more. But she is a grandmother now, and I suppose I should indulge her.

    Doesn't mean I have to like it and refrain from bitching about it, though.