Better Living Through Denial

Shae's graduation is tomorrow. Let's go on pretending that it isn't happening for another 24 hours, shall we?


You might have noticed that bubbles are kind of a thing with my people. Here is Makayla continuing the old family tradition.


Of course Shae got in on the action, but nowadays you have to be REALLY FAST to catch it on camera.


Speaking of action: it's almost time for the Olympics, and it looks like somebody is ready to start training for the 2024 Games.


And speaking of the Olympics, if Competitive Pinwheel Hoarding is introduced as an event, I think we might have our first Gold Medalist right here.


Although she'll have some tough competition.


Including My Anonymously Photobombing Mother back there in the blurry distance. (Hi, Mom! Bring an extra Xanax tomorrow, would you?)


After the Thing Which Shall Launch A Million Used Tissues, we're going out to lunch, and then to the movies (Brave, hooray!), and then very early in the morning on Saturday, we're off to the foreign climes of the upper Midwest for our vacation with Joey and Jacob and the world's first McDonald's restaurant.


Let's see what kind of cuteness shenanigans we can up to while we're away, shall we? (I highly suspect bubbles will be involved.)

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