24-Hour Party People

A couple more pictures from Kim & Phil's party, because ... why not? I took more than a hundred of these things. Yes, I know I need professional help.

Bubble Machine (Alt Vers)

This is the alternate version of the bubble machine picture -- I almost went with this shot at first, but I decided on the other one instead because I like Shae's smile better.

Pom Pom Streamer

Kids and pom-poms, amirite? She could play with pom-poms all day, every day, but we don't let her because for some weird reason she likes to chew on the strings. I think maybe she is spending too much time around the cats, because they do the same thing.

"Change Me"

Guess what she just did here ... and I'll give you a hint. Right as I was taking this picture, she said, very quietly, "Tell Daddy to change me." HAHAHAHA. One day she is going to be in intensive electroshock therapy because I keep putting pictures like this on the Internet.

But at least we never made her sleep in a dresser drawer. (She's too tall, anyway.)

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