I Don't Know How They Do It (Or What "It" Is, Exactly)

These were supposed to go up yesterday - sorry. We had technical difficulties at home (i.e., the power inexplicably went out and I couldn't get the pictures uploaded sooner). Now if you could only tell me what is happening in some of these pictures, I would owe you a great debt.

LBI 2011 755

File under: My kid is weird and plays with random things she finds on the beach.

LBI 2011 037


LBI 2011 226

Kids in buckets are hysterically funny, full stop.

LBI 2011 156

So this horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Why the long face?"

LBI 2011 019

It is apparently never too soon for wee ones to learn the "bish, PLEASE" face.

LBI 2011 050

He is up to something, but I can't remember what.

Whoa, dude, SERIOUSLY?

LBI 2011 Jaime 139

Fetching, just fetching.

LBI 2011 Jaime 108

Got milk? (I have never seen an actual milk moustache in the wild before.)

LBI 2011 392

Joey didn't really like the ocean much (it was really rough anyway), but he LOVED playing in the sand.

LBI 2011 367

Now SHE, on the other hand ...

LBI 2011 452
LBI 2011 451

One day on the trip -- I think it was Tuesday but it could have been Wednesday, I don't remember -- we had a lot of rain and the kids needed to be entertained, so we got out the bikes and they literally, yes LITERALLY, rode in circles around the garage for HOURS. It was probably one of the better nights we had, honestly, because they just did loops and figure 8's until the pretty much keeled over.

LBI 2011 465

Makayla even got in on the action -- my parents took turns pushing her around in the stroller, following the other kids, like the smallest, strangest, most adorable parade you've ever seen in your life.

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