On Wednesday night last week, my sister and her husband and I took the kids to Musikfest, a local festival that is as much about arts and crafts and food and getting the hell out of the house into the fresh air once in a while, for the love of all that is sweet and buttery, as much as it is about music. It's been going on since 1984, and I always have a great time, although I admit I don't get to go as often as I'd like, because it gets bigger every year, and that means it gets more crowded, and I kind of hate people.


But I do like foods on sticks, and I love it when food on sticks makes my kid make funny Popeye faces that are so adorable that I have to post the picture twice, and more than even that, I love a good polka, and more than even THAT, I love it when my kid starts dancing in the middle of the path because she hears polka music. I can't help it -- my father's side of the family is part Slovak, and we KNOW how to polka. My grandmother polkaed at my wedding. It was amazing.


But mostly it was nice to get out for a little, to check everything out, like the stand in one of the platzes that sold really adorable purses out of candy wrappers (I KNOW!), to see new faces, to try something different, like the Kenyan food that I had for dinner -- some kind of chicken masala wrap that was terribly messy but pretty much divine. I will be talking about that sandwich for WEEKS.


Got to spend some time with two of the three cutest moppets in the world.


And I tried some fancy new tricks with my camera, which maybe didn't work out the way I had hoped, but which are still kind of interesting. (Don't ask me what I did, though, because I can't remember. The important part is: Shae had fun.)

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