I love funny pictures of cats, but funny pictures of kids are even better. Here is a preview of the sort of comedy and foolishness you can expect to see when we all go on vacation together.

Joey, wearing my mother's lanyard and keys around his neck, looking for all the world like a tiny little lifeguard.


My kid, in goggles, because that is how she rolls.

Joey, in goggles, doing his very best Michael Phelps impression.

Makayla, at 8 months, showing off how she has already mastered the "BISHPLZ" face.


I have no stinkin' idea what this face is, and I'm pretty sure I don't WANT to know, either.


A miniature Abercrombie model, or perhaps J. Crew. (I included this picture because it reminds me of this one from Easter 2010.)

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