Head Over Heels

Because teaching herself how to swim without any sort of PFD's in one summer was not challenge enough, Shae has set her sights on something new: learning how to do a backflip off the swimout at my grandparents' pool.


I mean, you can't really tell that they're backflips, not even when you're in the pool with her, but she does manage to at least get herself wholly upside-down, anyway, which is something. You can see her feet sticking up out of the water in the last picture there.


She's also working on front flips, which she is not quite as good at yet, but we're getting there. Again, she can at least get herself upside down, and then she sort of twists and ... well, it's interesting to watch, anyway. I'm afraid she's going to skip swim team all together and go straight for diving.

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