Moon Over Parma

So ... apparently my kid likes bowling.


One of her school friends (her "boyfriend," the one who is "already in [her] soul," and believe me, I have NO IDEA where kids pick this stuff up) had a bowling party for his 4th birthday. Can you imagine a dozen or so four-year-olds throwing 6-lb. and 8-lb. bowling balls around? Yeah, I couldn't either, until I saw it for myself.


Bowling balls are bouncier than I remember, but then again, I don't make a habit of dropping them directly on the floor. Also, it's a lot noisier than I might have expected. Don't ask me why I thought there would be any degree of quietude at a 4-year-old's bowling birthday party; birthday parties are loud enough to begin with. Heck, 4-year-olds are loud enough to begin with.


But anyway, Shae really enjoyed flinging the balls around. For kids' parties, at least for kids this age, they set up this cute little ramp-thing so that they don't have to try to actually get the ball to the end of the alley without accidentally dislocating a shoulder or breaking any fingers or toes. Plus, this way, every once in a while someone would accidentally magically roll a strike.


The only thing cuter than a 4-year-old in a gingham dress and bowling shoes -- I love me some bowling shoes, and I always have to stop myself from stealing them when I leave the alley -- is a 4-year-old in a gingham dress and bowling shoes jumping up and down out of her mind with glee because she just made a spare. Even though she has no idea what in the holy hamhock a "spare" is, or how hard is it to make a 7-10 split when the ball is moving at the speed of a live-action slow-motion replay.


And this? Is my contractually-obligated snap of my kid eating a birthday cupcake. Hey, it was a birthday party -- you KNEW there would be cupcakes.

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  1. We had a bowling party last summer for Zoe's 5th. She had a BLAST! All the kids had so much fun.