Almost The End Of An Era

Pretty soon swimming lessons will be over -- Shae's last class is scheduled for April 23rd, so there are just three sessions remaining before we have to figure out what to do with our Saturday mornings. I can't believe we've been doing this for 12 weeks already.

Oh Hey Look Another New Swimsuit

On the upside, we'll get to sleep past 8:00 AM at that point. Hypothetically. I'll believe it when I see it, though.

Practice Makes Perfect

I have to admit, even though it's kind of a pain to get up and get moving and pack up all the stuff we need and lug it around and gogogo and all the stuff we do on Saturdays before we sit around for an hour or so while she is getting her swim on, I do kind of enjoy taking her to lessons. I know how happy they make her.

Conditioner Tastes Delicious

And it's not like we're going to be trapped indoors forever -- the weather is starting to improve, so we'll be able to play outside, and soon we'll start getting everything together for the big Disneyland trip at the end of May.


Still, I hope that she isn't too disappointed when it's over. I guess we'll have to start dressing her in her endless array of swimsuits to just run around in the yard an blow bubbles or whatever.


  1. She is beautiful!

    I keep saying I am going to sign my son up for swim lessons...but I think the early morning thing is keeping me from it. I need to suck it up and do it, though, because I know he would have a blast.

  2. love the suit !!!!