Burying the Lede

Oh, hey, I already mentioned it in passing at least once, so I might as well go ahead and make it official: we're going to Disneyland. End of May, sometime around Memorial Day. We're also going to a wedding while we're there -- that's actually the official reason for the trip in the first place, although who are we kidding? Shae'll be four by then, and she has saved up seventeen whole dollars of allowance money, so there will be no stopping her at that point.

Me with Piglet
Honeymoon, Walt Disney World, April 1999.
G with Tigger
Character Breakfast at the Crystal Palace.
Us with Pooh
This is the day that I had the world's best French toast.

Although let's be completely honest: we went to Walt Disney World on our honeymoon, so it's not like we're opposed to the idea or anything. Nobody needed to twist our arms to convince us. We're geeks and we're not ashamed. Weddings are fun, especially when you're going to be in the same general area where "The Hills" was filmed and so there is great potential for a Speidi sighting, but how can any old wedding compare to the Happiest Freaking Place On Earth?

(Well, okay, weddings typically have wine, and often brightly-colored fruity drinks, and sometimes there are cater waters who wander around with entire platters full of scallops wrapped in bacon and different kinds of meat on sticks. But still.)

I am totally That Tourist who bought all the official and unofficial guidebooks and who even ordered the free "let us show you how you can spend your entire life savings plus your kid's college fund in our theme parks" DVD from Disney. So over the next two and a half months, you're probably going to get sick of me discussing and debating and agonizing over this stuff. I apologize in advance for your inconvenience, but I am really, really stoked. It is possible that I am even more excited than my kid is, because I love California, and I have always wanted to go to Disneyland.

And if I find out that I can get wine and meat-on-a-stick there, I might not even come home.

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  1. i'm soooooo glad you located the photos !!!!