Heart of Haiti

It’s been almost a year since the ground shook and the world as we knew it almost ended for the country of Haiti. I remember following the news so closely, riveted, spending countless hours poring over the Internet or lying awake in bed, wondering what I could do to help.

Turns out, even after all this time has passed, there are still ways to help. And, ironically, we can still help in a uniquely first-world way: by shopping.

Macy’s has partnered with the Heart of Haiti initiative to offer jewelry and art for sale, each piece handcrafted by native Haitian artisans, allowing them to use their talents and passions to help provide food and shelter, improve access to health care and education -- for themselves, their families, and their communities.

And the pieces these artists have created are really, really stunning. I took one look at the large "Feast of the Sea" bowl and I was instantly transported to somewhere bright, sunny, happy. I can hear music and laughter, smell the sea and the sunshine, and I am amazed and awed that such beauty and joy can come out of a place that, only a year ago, was overwhelmed by such sorrow and devastation.

I hope to put it in my kitchen, to remind me every day of all the things that I love and, most of all, the things I must not take for granted. And to remind us all that out of great destruction can come such beautiful creation.


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  1. where did you shop on line ? i have shaes scarf it was on bathroom door love mom

  2. Rachel. I agree that Feast of the Sea bowl transported me somewhere tropical, and warm. Warm, sounds wonderful right about now.

  3. What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing Heart of Haiti. Tomorrow there is a twitter party for the 1 yr anniversary of the quake, would love to see you there!

    Here are the deets: http://bit.ly/gnoHaiti