Happy Good Morning

The good news is: this is one of my husband's nights off, so it won't just be me trying to wrangle Shae tonight, in addition to doing the dishes and giving her a bath. I'll have help this time, and hopefully The Help will also bring me a pizza and some cupcakes and possibly a wine cooler, because DAMN.

Jan 7th

The bad news is: that in order to get this picture of them together this morning, that means that I was home before school, and the reason why I was home that late is because of snow. So who knows when I'll get home to eat that pizza and those cupcakes and the wine cooler. DAMN.


  1. well i see 2 smiling people !!!! love mom ps did you locate crocs

  2. I love this pic! She looks so happy to be with her dad!

  3. yes, we found the shoes. shae put them in box of clothes "for the babies" -- i.e., the hand-me-down giveaway box. she said "makayla" "needs" them.

    and shel -- she IS glad her daddy's home, but maybe not as much as i am. it's been a rough week for both of us.

  4. that face on shae is so cute!