Christmas All Over Again

I did a video this year, so I didn't take a lot of pictures on Christmas morning, but I did get some. This is what 2 minutes of my kid tearing through her gifts looks like before a good eight hours of wrapping time has been torn to shreds on the living room floor.

Phat Lewts

It was a really, really good Christmas. I think that maybe Shae was a little disappointed -- perhaps underwhelmed, maybe? -- because we did the "get her what she needs" thing his year, since she is between age ranges for a lot of toys. Also, we have SO MANY TOYS. And she will be getting more, because we are doing Christmas "again" later this week when my sister gets in from Chicago.

Plus, and let's be honest here: a (very noisy!) Hess truck, a bucket of dinosaurs, a Hello Kitty bingo game, and an electric toothbrush are PLENTY TOYS ENOUGH. I sort of couldn't wait to come back to work today, to get away from some of the ruckus.

Makayla 10 Days

And anyway, we already got the best Christmas present of the year a little early. Makayla is so sweet. And she looks more and more like my sister every day. I have to be satisfied with Shae ACTING more and more like me every day, I suppose.

God help us all.

Shae & Gigi

We had the kind of Christmas that you're "supposed" to have -- family, friends, food, fun. And then we got the snow yesterday. Better late than never, I suppose. And today my sister gets in from Chicago, so the rest of the week the three kids will be together and it will be an explosion of cuteness that CANNOT BE CONTAINED. Wear your safety goggles, people.


  1. did we forget to get a picture of shae all decked out christmas eve ???? the dress was gorgeous

  2. yes ... i never took a picture of her! am worst mother ever.