A Pirate Looks at Four

I am really bummed that the pictures I took of Shae's Halloween costume didn't come out so great, because I really, really liked it. It was happy and colorful and Shae was so happy and colorful as a pirate. But here are the best pictures I managed to get.

Dread Pirate Shaezie

At school, just before the parade on Friday, eating ice cream. Because that's what all dread pirates do just before they go pillaging for candy, isn't it?

Dancing Queen of the Pirates

The skirt turned out really cute, and while I am disappointed in myself for not being able to take full credit (I ended up outsourcing the sewing to a co-worked, because it took me two hours just to sew a seam in that bad boy), I am nevertheless pleased with the results. Shae loves skirts that spin, and this one really does.

Parading Pirate

You can see how much she enjoys being in her costume. She wanted to sleep in her skirt both nights. We've thrown it in the toy box, along with the hat, so she can pretend to be a pirate whenever she wants.


Halloween night was kind of cold, so we made sure to bundle her up extra -- leggings and socks under her stockings, a turtleneck under her shirt, and a scarf under her hat. Although, technically, the scarf was there primarily to keep her hair from assuming a life of its own.

Creepy Eyes

We made it to maybe two houses before we had to ditch the sword (it kept dragging on the ground), but here you can see the final accessory in the costume, the piece de resistance: the pirate skull candy bucket. Which fell apart at the end out our route and spilled candy all over some poor family's porch. While we were cleaning it up Shae took the opportunity to reach into their candy bowl and help herself to a few extra treats. Like a good pirate would.

So that was our Halloween. It will be interesting to see what I end up using for the calendar; unfortunately I just didn't get very many pictures of the pirate costume, what with the running amok at school factor on Friday and then the running amok in tricky lighting on Sunday. Add in the fact that it is nigh upon impossible to get a kid to sit still when the prospect of vast amounts of candy is heavy in the air, and we just couldn't get her to sit still. We had a great time, though.


  1. Oh my gosh, so cute! I think that skirt would be totally awesome to wear as real clothes, not just costume...

  2. you have the snow princess costume pics, too.

    and btw, joey has THE EXACT SAME SHIRT, which mom bought for him at Target. So we could always get the kids to pose together in the same clothes for an extra option, at least for the cousins calendar.

  3. BRING THE SHIRT. oh my god, the cuteness!