Carpe-ing the Diem

We did some housework and yard work today, because we have a full and busy week coming up and we aren't going to have much time to get this stuff done. I volunteered to rake the leaves in the front yard, in part because it isn't a very daunting task, since we have this grotty little tiny yard that I believe is the smallest in captivity.

Grotty Yard

Seriously, I'm pretty sure my cubicle at work is bigger than that. Also, I knew I would have help.


Because if there is an outdoor activity, my kid will volunteer for it. She thinks weeding is FUN. I can't wait 'til she's old enough to be able to actually identify what is a weed vs. what is a plant, because I hate weeding. Not as much as I hate dishes and laundry, but still.

Oh, and I had an ulterior motive for wanting to rake: valuable photo opportunities.

The Pile

It was a perfectly-sized leaf pile for one small person, and Shae didn't let me down.


Of course, now you can hardly tell that we ever raked the front yard, even after we collected a full garbage of leaves. Funny how a kid jumping in a leaf pile for ten minutes can actually make a bigger mess than the leaves just falling off the trees for three weeks.

Million Dollar Smile

But we had a great time, so it was worth it.