October 19th

Know what happened on this date in history? In 1873: Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers universities drafted the first code of rules for American football. In 1917: Love Field opened in Dallas. In 1959: The world's first disco opened. In 1973: My parents got married.

The fortuitousness of these things all happening on the same calendar date is no doubt entirely coincidental, but I can tell you that there has been a lot of love, a lot of dancing, and a hell of a lot of football in the history of my parents' marriage, so maybe the Universe has a way of sorting things out.

I won't embarrass my parents with any stories; there really aren't that many to tell, anyway. For most of the time they've been married, they've had to deal with me, so they've already been punished more than enough anyhow. But what they haven't gotten enough of is thanks.

So: Mom and Dad, thanks. For everything. For being yourselves. For being awesome. For being good people and good parents and good examples. You've shown me what a marriage can be -- up, down, and sideways. You still hold hands, and still slow dance at weddings, and still celebrate the little days that all added up to this one big one.

The 37th anniversary isn't a particularly big milestone, it's not a big number that ends in a five or a zero or a fancy metal or gemstone (the traditional gift is alabaster), but it's still worth honoring and recognizing. I certainly respect it. So congratulations, Mom & Dad, on another year. You guys are awesome. And I love you both: always, and all ways.

Love xoxo, R.

PS -- Don't have any pictures from your wedding day handy, but I hope that these pictures from our weddings will suffice. You've set a standard, and I hope these help to remind you how good an example, what an inspiration, you have been to your daughters and sons-in-law.


  1. yay! happy anniversary, mom and dad. and great pics :-)

  2. hope everyone makes it to this date and still knows there is only one.....who of course gets pushed aside for the children !!!! at least we get to share the gkids !!!