Where Do I Begin?

I don't know which part of coming back to reality is going to be worst: Not waking up every morning just one block from the beach? Not seeing my family every waking minute? Trying to find all the stuff that is still packed up? Getting back on our normal schedule? Doing a metric ton of laundry? Sorting through literally thousands of pictures? I really don't know where to even start.

This much I can tell you -- going from this ...

Living Room
Back Porch
Front Porch

... to my regularly-scheduled crapshack is going to be beyond difficult. I am trying to remember what the sign in the kitchen of the beach house said ...

Kitchen Sign

... but it's going to be really hard to stop myself from complaining when I know how good we had it for a week. We had a playground right outside the back door and the beach right outside the front door.

Playground Pirate Ship
Beach Path

And for the last week, our lives were pretty much perfect.

On The Beach

Why would I want to go back to the way things really are? At least we still have some rum and vodka left. I might need them to get through the next 30-some-odd hours until I have to go back to work.

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