Something Strange Is Happening

I don't know what's going on this summer, but something strange is happening. I mean, something very, very odd and funny. And not "ha-ha" funny, either, but funny as in "oh, God, no!" But nevertheless, there it is: I am having a good time having a boring life.

Look, I am absolutely the Queen of Manufactured Drama. My special talents are jumping to conclusions and making mountains out of molehills. It's part of why I wanted to study television in college -- perhaps, if I knew something about how to write a script, I could kind of force things to happen the way I wanted them too.

Or at least have a good comeback when the Universe dropped a steaming turd in my oatmeal.

Sandcastle Cove Spiral Slide
Sandcastle Cove Fountains
Giant Water Ball Thingy

But I'll be damned if taking a three-year-old to an amusement park on the hottest day of the year and watching her have a hell of a time on every single ride isn't the quickest way to kick your blues in the ass that I have ever seen.

Who'd've thunk?

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