Does This Mai-Tai Make My Butt Look Big?

I was having a bit of a freak-out this morning because it occurred to me, later than perhaps it should have, that I won't be able to spend my entire vacation sitting around drinking blue stuff in giant vats with paper umbrellas while I'm on vacation because (1) we'll be there with small impressionable children, and (2) I understand the service at public beaches is terrible, and also (3) I kind of don't want my diet to go completely off the rails at this point.

Don't worry, this isn't going to become a full-time "listen to rockle whine about her diet" blog. Because I am not unhappy with it, or anything. No sir: I just had blueberry waffles and sausage and actual real-live syrup for breakfast, BECAUSE I CAN. But what I can't do is pretend to be a total sloppy lush while I'm away for a week, unless I plan on eating nothing but grapes and pistachios the rest of the time, because of all the calories in my delicious beloved rum drinks.

I mean, I could do that, I suppose, but why would I want to? There is a Ben & Jerry's in Beach Haven, and I can already hear it calling my name.

So I'm trying to set things up for myself so I can enjoy myself, and enjoy enjoying myself, without feeling the least bit guilty about it. And after I scoured the Intarwebtubes for recipes (there are more than I thought there would be, but many involve weird ingredients that I have never heard of before) it occurred to me that I had the answer right in front of me the whole time.

SPOILER ALERT: I'll be drinking diet Cuba Libres -- rum and Diet Coke with Lime. (And fresh lime wedges, of course, because I think I'm all fawncey.) It's kind of absolutely hysterical, because why is Diet Coke with Lime my favorite kind of Diet Coke in the whole wide world and all of the Heavens above, amen? Because it already tastes like a Cuba Libre.

But I might also try this thing called a "Bikini Blueberry," which sounds like a nice little fruity concoction, and only about 115 calories or so per drink, plus a piece of fruit!
Bikini Blueberry
1¼ oz. pineapple vodka
3 oz. diet blueberry juice
1½ oz. club soda (or flavored diet seltzer)
pineapple chunk for garnish
Who's going to try it with me? Cocktails on the back deck in 9 days.


  1. sounds like you did your homework! Good job on sticking to your diet. It's hard to do on vacation.

    It's a shame I really really don't like blueberries. Maybe diet cherry juice? Or strawberry juice? mmm strawberry juice...

  2. @Mom -- I plan to start drinking as soon as we get to the house.

    @SciLu -- I really like drinks that have pineapple and cranberry juices in then, so I bet you could do this with diet cranberry juice. Or save yourself a few extra calories and just drink the pineapple vodka. :-)

  3. If you've ever heard of Hungry Girl (hungrygirl.com)she has great cocktail recipes, she just put out a new book of them. All of her stuff is good. Food recipes usually call for a lot of "diet" food which is too artificial and processed for me, but the drinks recipes are good! Way to go on the dieting. I agree with you, a personal approach to it is so much more effective, as you've seen. Listen to your body, it'll tell you what it needs! And yes, it needs vodka. What body of a mother of a 3 yr old doesn't? ~Christine

  4. @Christine -- I like Hungry Girl. She's a little too "obsessed" for me (always looking for "diet" food, when I prefer real stuff) but she is very clever. I saw that she has a cocktail book, I might have to sneak some pictures of recipes I like next time I'm at Barnes & Noble.

    Vodka and Valium: necessary vitamins for all mothers-of-preschoolers. LOL.

  5. I say chuck it all and only eat grapes and pistachios so you can drink as much as you want...

    (I know. Bad influence.)

  6. @Jackie -- as we get closer to go-time, the thought is crossing my mind more often. TRUST.