Father's Day 2010

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday, because today it's supposed to be too stinking hot to move. We went to my grandparents' early and spent eleventeen hours in the pool -- yes, even us old people -- and it was lovely. You'll be hearing about it all week.


We had dinner on the grill -- steak and chicken and clams and corn and green beans -- and it was lovely. The corn was fantastic, nice and crisp and fresh, and it was so sweet that it didn't need butter or salt.

Daddy Kiss
Pop-pop Kiss

There was lots of fun and kissing and it was a really great day -- exactly what I think Father's Day is supposed to be. Of course, I am not a father, so mileage may vary.

Happy Father's Day, to my Daddy and Shae's Daddy. Hope you both got what you wanted.

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