The Boy Is Back In Town

Look who popped in for a visit over the long weekend: Cousin Joey!

Little Man

Shae has referred to him as "Baby Joey" for so long that it's hard to break her of the habit, but he's not really a baby any more, is he? He's a full-blown toddler now, and it is pretty awesome.


I mean, Shae has trouble with boundaries, and what is and is not appropriate behavior around kids younger than she is, but Joey is an absolute trooper. He followed Shae around for a lot of the weekend.

Off Into The Sunset

From what I understand, he was calling for Shae when we weren't around, and I can tell you that hearing him say "SHAE!" is the cutest thing that I have ever heard in my life. He says it just like that, too, with the implied exclamation point and everything. Adorbs.

Mother & Child Reunion

Not only does he have excellent taste in favorite cousins, he also has fantastic taste in hats and mothers, and he rocks the snot out of that little rashguard shirt.


And he loves everyone. He let lots of people hold him. Wandered right up to me one time and said "UP!" and when I grabbed him he clapped. Like I'm a Pavlovian test subject and he had just given me the proper reinforcement.


Shae's already asking when we're going to see him again, and making crazy little preschooler plans. She can't wait to get the band back together. And can you blame her, really? Just look at this kid. Our family is full up with awesome, beautiful children.


  1. poor little guy looks so sick in the first picture. but i love the one of him and shae holding hands. too cute!

  2. he's also wet in the first picture -- the picture of shae squirting him in the face with the water fountain was taken first.