Transcript of a conversation I had with my daughter this morning, while my husband was in the shower:

Shae -- "Mommy, I don't want to go to school today."
Me -- "You don't? Why not?"
Shae -- "I want to go to Nana's."
Me -- "Nana's? But you love school. Why?"
Shae -- "I want to visit my motorcycle."

Bike 1
Bike 3
Bike 2
Bike 4

She means her BIcycle, of course. Which is pink and has Disney princesses on it, so it definitely needs some baseball cards to put in the spokes. Anybody have any Yankees cards they don't need?

On the plus side, she doesn't want to drive the car any more.


  1. Leave the wonderful world champion yankees out of this

  2. Yankees, boo! SAWX! SAWX!

  3. bi-cycle! bi-cycle! i want to ride my bicycle. i want to ride my bike. i want to ride my bicycle. i want to ride it where i like. (ok, i may be butchering queen's genius, but i still think of that song every time we take joe on his tricycle. and now, i'll like of shae, too.)

  4. dude, i KNOW. i can come up with an appropriate queen song for every occasion.

  5. Do you have the clothes pins required to put the Yankees cards on spokes? If not, I bet Aunt Kathy has some!

  6. you need clothes pins for that? i thought you just stuck the cards in the spokes. huh. learn something new every day.