Over My Head

It was a putrid weekend, rain and wind and power outages and water in the basement, and I spent Saturday night and most of yesterday at my parents', because if you're going to be bored, you might as well do it somewhere with heat and TV and a working refrigerator. Shae found the whole thing terribly exciting -- "The lights went OFF!" she told everybody, awestruck -- plus when she is around my family there is that whole issue of spoilage.

(Don't deny it, Mom: you let her play with a jump rope at 10:00 at night, and then you gave her ice cream. Way to make me look like the Wicked Witch of the West Ward, there.)

I'm too tired to grump about it, really -- I just want my stinkin' hour back already, and also I would really love it if my house did not at present smell quite so much like basement and wet litter box -- so here are some pictures of Shae practicing somersaults on my sofa. You're welcome.


(The matching shirt-and-afghan combination are purely coincidental.) Gotta say, she's made great progress in the last 9 months. I mean, I'm not crazy about the fact that she comes thisclose to kicking my monitor off my desk, but her form is definitely much improved. And I really can't blame her for not wanting to do somersaults on a hardwood floor, can I?


  1. After Ike hit I had to move home with my parents. The day, and I mean the DAY I had electricity I moved back home. There were no grocery stores, no restaurants and not many gas stations open, but I went home. 10 days was all I could spend with my parents in close quarters. Plus, my cats were all kinds of upset about being there. Everyone was happy to go home.

  2. Why do kids think it's so fun when the lights go out? Until you tell them the TV doesn't work and they can't open the refrigerator and stare inside for five minutes while deciding what to eat.

  3. @Momo Fali -- wish i knew. i also wish i knew WHEN she took it upon herself to hide the flashlights, let alone WHERE.

  4. on the sofa !!!! better rest up weather is definately improving