2 Years, 11 Months, 30 Days

Dear Shae,

It's been a while since I last wrote you a letter, so I better get this one in quick before it's too late. Tomorrow is your birthday, and for the next couple of days we're going to be busy celebrating and basking in the glow of your awesomesauce. And also eating cupcakes and ripping open presents and looking for eggs and overindulging because your third birthday only comes around once.

Oh, kid ... so much to tell you, so little time. This has been a really huge year for all of us, but especially for you. You've gotten so much taller and smarter and more talkative, and now you're using the potty and getting your own cheese out of the fridge and demanding peanut butter sandwiches and just generally bossing us around and getting your own way.


Wait, I guess that isn't much different than before, huh? Except for the potty, which I am convinced you are taking your sweet ol' time with just because you can. I have to admit, I kind of admire your ability to milk your grandmother for every possible bribe there is.

Anyway, I spend so much time being your mom that sometimes I forget to tell you how I'm also you're biggest fan. If I didn't live with you every day, I'd totally have a giant poster of you hanging in the living room. I love how you know what "herbivores" and "carnivores" are and how you love everything that's yellow and how you reach out your hand in the car and say, "Do you trust me?" like you're Aladdin.

Glamour Girl

I love how you're a ham and a prankster and how you are always running and dancing everywhere and how you already understand sarcasm. I love how you tolerate my putting Christmas gift bows in your hair while you're trying to eat pudding and how your know all the words to "Poker Face" and how you still think "chickenbutt" is the funniest thing in the world.

Oh, and have I mentioned lately how much it warms the cockles of my heart when you point at the picture of the crab in your book of animals and say, "Dinner" every time? That is stupendous.


Like I said, we're going to be caught up in birthday and Easter-related festivities, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how wonderful I think you are. You remain the best thing that ever happened to us, and I hope we never let you forget it.

Have a great birthday, Cupcake, and have a great every day.
Love xoxo, Mommy.


  1. can't wait to see you guys! still waiting to hear if joe has to go to ny or not, so we know if we need to buy one or two tickets, but otherwise, still planning on coming in. do you think you'll be able to skype tomorrow? i'm sure joey'll want to wish shae a happy birthday, and since he dialed 911 last time he had the phone, he doesn't get to use the regular phone anymore.

  2. i will make sure we are available for skyping. call first to make sure we aren't eating.

  3. i swore i posted something anyhow put the clothes you have in car and that way you will have room for new stuff and guess who had nanas lipstick !!!! the birthday girl love mom