A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Dear Shae,

Today is your half birthday -- you are two and a half today. And oh my ears and whiskers, how big you are getting! I can hardly believe my eyes: you are growing right in front of me.

Miniature Epic Feel

I don't remember being two and a half, because it was a very long time ago, but I bet it was a whole lot of fun. I know it's a whole lot fun watching you being this age, and terribly exciting, too -- you're always running off somewhere, to pick a yellow flower or read a new book or put together another puzzle. It's exhausting for me, sometimes, because I can't always keep up with you, but I really enjoy trying to catch up.

Stop and Smell

I hope that today is twice as awesome as yesterday was, and that all your tomorrows are doubly so. I want every day to be awesome, because you are awesome. You are so very, very awesome. And I love you.

Onward and Upward

Onward and upward we grow, kiddo. Now blow out the candle, my dear, and make your wish come true. A very merry un-birthday to you!

Love, Mommy.


  1. i guess these adorable pictures make up for everything. love you!

  2. rachel shae has made everyones life more wonderful shes the love factor with diaper changes and snot !!! she has enriched all of our lives love mom

  3. rach, is that first picture the original size or did you crop it? i was going to look at cropping it as portrait (instead of landscape) and then maybe getting an 8x10 (or 5x7) for mom and dad. just let me know. i can download whatever from flickr.

  4. Happy unbirthday Shae! Your love and beauty makes us all feel more beautiful, snot and all! I love you!