The Big Chill

You know that myth-slash-urban-legend that says that there are like some ridiculous number of words for snow in the "Eskimo" "language"? I bet the word for what is going on today is something like "sukksimush." Because, really, this weather situation does, indeed, suck so much. I'm through with snow. Done. No more, okay?

Neighbors' Shrub

It starting snowing sometime overnight on Wednesday, and flakes kept right on falling all day yesterday. During the day things were fine, but sometime after 9:00 last night the temperature dropped about 20°F, the snow started sticking, the wind kicked up ... and here we are. Snowed in again.

Porch Chair

The extreme cold and the blowing are something else this time, too -- I mean, we lost the bottom front porch step in the drifts. The good news this is what I call "Syracuse snow": not exactly fluffy, but very light and very fine, made of what feels like artificial fibers, and since it's so cold a lot of the clearing can be done with a broom.


Obviously we're going to be watching a lot of movies and TiVo'ed shows today, and reading a lot of books. Our hit list so far includes "101 Dalmatians," "Alice in Wonderland," Dora, "The Snow Bear" by Miriam Moss, "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats, and of course more of "Imogene's Antlers," because hey why not? It's going to be fun, if we all live through it.

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