Asleep at the Meal

January is one of the worst months at work because we have a metric ass-load of year-end stuff to finish before we can start all over again, so I end up working a bunch of 60-hour, 6-day weeks in a row. It sucks, and I am not going to bother sugar-coating it. I like my job just fine, sometimes I even love it, but January is probably the month when I daydream most frequently about winning the lottery and leaving town for warmer climes and boat drinks and sand in my toes and trashy paperbacks.

Lately I've been getting to work around or even before first light, about 7:00 AM, and I haven't been leaving until 6:00 PM or so, well after dark, which means that basically I only get about an hour to spend with Shae before bedtime. I hate it. Usually I am home in time to help with her bath and wrangle into her pajamas for prayers, but yesterday she didn't take a nap at school and she gave G a hell of a time at dinner before she fell asleep at the table:

Asleep at the Meal

I feel absolutely terrible about it. I already feel like I spend so little time with her, and I didn't get to see her at all yesterday. I mean, it happens, and when G was working he would have days when the same thing would happen, but ... I'm not used to it. It's weird, and it makes me feel guilty. Even guiltier than my poor liberal Catholic heart usually feels. Especially because when I went in to check on her:


I of course took her picture with the flash because I am the worst parent in the world.

It was weirdly quiet last night, especially so early, and we couldn't quite figure out what to do -- she was in bed by 6:20 or so, and we're normally trying to get through the nighttime routine for another hour and a half or so. There was no laughing, no screaming for potty, no streaking up and down the hall. Eventually I got bored and tried to cause trouble by taking pictures of the cats (conveniently captioned below, because some people don't believe me when I say we have three cats).


So there you go. A very exciting night in my house, which is code for "Sorry, I am so busy working that I don't even know if I still have a life."


  1. you arent with her 24 -7 she does need sleep too love you she knows who her momma is !!!!!

  2. i feel guilty about joey in daycare, too. (nothing else to say. i just know how you feel.)

  3. I wonder why people don't believe you when you say you have 3 cats?

    And that over-developed sense of guilt? that's not limited to a liberal catholic heart, mine is a conservative lutheran heart and a super developed conscience.

  4. our female cats hate people, including us, so it's very rare to see the three of them at one time in the same place that isn't our bed. we were only able to arrange this "photo shoot" because Shae was in bed and i threw treats in that bowl.

  5. Aw, poor kid! Sometimes I feel like I could fall asleep over my plate, too. Oh but then I remember that I love food. Ha.

    Hope work calms down for you soon!