Cupcake Calendar: December

Listen to me whine a little bit, and then I promise you, there is a huge payoff at the end of this post, in the form of an AWESOME recently-unearthed video of Shae dancing like a fool at my sister's wedding. But wait, don't scroll down to the end yet! I have some complaining to do first! GET BACK HERE!


I feel like I have been working on the 2010 Cupcake Calendar (and the companion work, the 2010 Cousins Calendar) for FIVE THOUSAND YEARS, and I just finished it on Monday or Tuesday -- I can't even remember which one any more. Last night I logged into World of Warcraft for the first time in like FIVE DAYS and it was like I was playing a whole new game all of the sudden, although thechnically I kind of was because there was a patch this week. But anyway.

Compared to next year's edition, this December calendar page is ... well, I was going to say pathetic, but that's not really true. Just different. Last year was our first Christmas with Shae in this house. She was trying to figure us out still, I think, trying to work out what all the fuss was about. This year, she knows she's the princess in our castle (even though we do NOT allow her to use that word), and she's ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS, and it's much harder to keep her focused on "being good for Santa" because: PREEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENTS!

Which, can you blame her, really? Who isn't all about the presents?

(And actually, now that I look at them both, last year's calendar and this year's calendar aren't really all that different, and perhaps I should just shut up already and just take a damn nap, for crap's sake.)

Okay, and because I promised, here is that video:

Apologies for the poor video quality -- this was taken with my husband's cell phone. I can't even make out who all she's dancing with here. I know that the "featured guy" is my cousin Jason, and I think the girl in the black dress is my cousin Beth, and the woman in the black pants is my Aunt Bet, and the lady in the blue pink (thanks Shel!) dress is my cousin Autumn. I think. Shae doesn't even care, obviously.


  1. So you eat, what, sugar cookies for Christmas? Or maybe...nut-less fudge? ...(thinking hard)...

    I can't think of too many treats without nuts of some sort.

    Can you do peanut butter? probably not. And not Nutella, either, huh?

  2. i can have peanut butter, but no tree nuts except pistachios. so i actually can eat a lot of cookies and sweets. when i make "candy" for christmas, i do chocolate covered pretzels with nonpareils, peppermint bark, puppy chow. your standard cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, scotchies, snickerdoodles, etc. fruitcake, if there are no nuts and it's not 100 years old and i have some brandy with it.

    (and i sneak nutella sometimes, but i have to take a benadryl afterwards, usually. almonds and walnuts are the worst, they give me hives and close up my throat right away.)

  3. wow! that sucks! I came back today to say:

    !!OH OH!!
    Gingerbread cookies! I LOVE Gingerbread cookies! and Gingerbread cake! and oh, well, not banana nut bread, but Cranberry Bread! and Pumpkin Bread!

    hehehe I have no idea why this caught my fancy this afternoon.

  4. It's Autumn in a Pink dress, not a blue dress. And where was I when this was taken?

  5. SL: i make a wicked killer pumpkin bread with no nuts. and three kinds of booze.

    Shel: no idea. i don't even know where *I* was when this was taken.

  6. Ok. You've intrigued me. What kind of booze do you put into pumpkin bread?

  7. dark rum. banana liqueur. bailey's (or vanilla).