2nd Runner Up

This the second-runner-up (or is that 2nd loser?) in the 2009 Miss "Which Of These School Pictures Is The Least Terrible?" Pageant.

School Pic Fall 2009-2

Of course this is not really a bad picture, as school pictures go -- oh, believe me, I had some doozies, especially back in the day when my grandmother used to give me Ogilvie home perms in her kitchen sink -- but I am not all together thrilled with it, either; there's the booger thing, for one, and I assure you, this is not the way her hair was done up when we sent her to school that morning.

It's kind of ridiculous to get agitated over a day care picture for a 2½ year old, I know, but still I can't help but wonder: every teacher in that school is a woman except for the one dude who teaches kindergarten and has to wear the creepy Easter Bunny costume. The mother of one of the kids in her classroom is a teacher at the center. Honest to God, would it have killed any of them to straighten out her hair and wipe her frickin' nose? The boogers are one thing when I take her picture at home for free with my own camera, but they expect me to pay for pictures that include absolutely un-Photoshop-able snot pockets? Is that like a special early bird bonus or something?

(Also: Blogger went wonkers and this originally went up early. This is supposed to be the Sunday post. Sorry if this screws up anyone's blogreels.)

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